How to Gain Six Sigma Certification

Introduction and history of six sigma:

Originally developed by Motorola (USA) in 1981, six sigma certification confirms a person’s capabilities to improve the business. Six sigma certification does not mean that the person has perfection of ability rather it shows that the person has the minimum required abilities to be certified. The core concept of six sigma is to improve the business by identifying and solving the errors in the manufacturing process, with a sequence of step. This process requires quality management method and statistical tools. These steps involve. Some specific targets are set for each six sigma project to be sort out and solved. These targets can vary for each customer such as some need financial (cost reduction etc) and others require the cycle time, safety etc. The main ideas behind the concept of six sigma are: (1) stabilization of the process result (reduce variation) is very important. (2) Business process is measurable and can be analyzed, controlled and improved. (3) Efforts of top level management are required to achieve the quality improvement.

Methodology of six sigma process:

Two types of methodologies are followed by six sigma process:

  • DMAIC (to improve the current business process): The Phases of DMAIC methodology are to define the problem, measure the main aspects of the current process, analyze the data, Improve the current process and to control the process (to be carried on in future) to reduce the deviations from target.
  • DMADV(to produce a new business process): The features of DMADV are:
    • To define the design goal.
    • Measure and identify the CTQs (Critical to Quality),
    • Characteristics and capability of product and the process of production, and the risks Involved.
    • Analyze to design a high level alternative for evaluation to select the best design.
    • The design details and its verification plan. Simulations are created sometimes in this process.
    • Verification of the design and its implementation (by the Owner).

Pre-requisites for six sigma certification:

A person is required to have a leadership approved project for participation in six sigma certification. The basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics is necessary as you have to learn the practical or applied side of these subjects. Without basic knowledge you will get stuck with practical side of these subjects.

Choosing among six sigma certificate providers:

So many choices are available to get a six sigma certificate. Consultants and online training is available but best choice is to get training from a consultant because a direct communication is always more valuable. Make sure that they are not accredited, if so don’t get training from them. The main objective of your training should be to gain the knowledge of practical and quantitative tool so ask the provider for course out line before starting the course.

Training details:

The executive leaders, including CEO, set up the vision for the project. The champions are the leaders who are responsible for the implementation of the project and they act as mentor to the belts. The person who takes training in six sigma leadership is called “belt.” Belts are required to have projects too. During training he is given the time to align the project with the training. Six sigma black belts are the leaders who take training of advanced statistical methodology, for 4 weeks and then they have to dedicate most of time on their project for 4 to 6 months. Six sigma green belts take training for two weeks and then they imply it to the project during next 4 to 6 months. The yellow belts work with the black belt belts through the project as they have perfection in all methodological knowledge.


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