Six Sigma Certification How It Benefits Your Business

The Six sigma method has been adopted by many organizations around the world. Six Sigma certification is highly valuable and most popular in European and American based multinational conglomerates. The method is initially about people and process in the company. The six sigma method holds the customer first and then works from there It is when a company tries to achieve perfection by removing any defects in an organized matter. A defect is when something meets outside the customer’s specifications. To prevent these defects the organization goes through two processes. They are the six sigma DMAIC (define the problem, measure the aspects of the current procedure, analyze the cause, improve the process and control the future of the process.) process. This process is for when something goes wrong. The other process is the six sigma DMADV (Define design goals, Measure product capabilities, Analyze and develop alternatives, Design details, Verify the design) process. This process is when the company is trying to think of something new. What does this certification do to help your business though? Below are some of the ways that this can help your business.

Your Bottom Line- The six sigma method helps improve your bottom line considerably because you are improving your time management, finances, materials, and customer’s satisfaction. Plus you reduce the cost it takes to produce your items. These can all improve up to twenty five percent if you use six sigma.

Time- You will find that after you convert to the six sigma method you will spend less time developing items for your business. Some reasons for this are because you will have a reduced time cycle time. Your employees will work faster for you because your not overworking them. So you save tons of time when you convert your company to the six sigma method.

Finances- The amount of money that you save with this method will sky rocket when you use the six sigma method because you are focusing on the customers. If the customers are happy then they will keep coming back. Plus with a faster time for each cycle you are selling more and more each time.

Less waste- Six sigma method helps a company waste less materials and money. With the customers put first in the company it makes less wasted materials. It also makes the company put less money into merchandise that the customers will not want. Instead they will be using money for the merchandise customers want.

Increases Shareholder Values- Even though this happens from the increase of the revenues that you will be getting, you will have an increase in customer loyalty, and confidence which will also increase your shareholder values in the long run as well.

Customer satisfaction- Since six sigma is all about the voice of the customer and how happy the customer is with the service, you will have more satisfied customers because they will get exactly what they asked for and more. Plus they will have a really low price for the high quality item that you are selling them. This makes the customer happy and come back to you in the near future for more merchandise.

Motivated Employees- Your employees will be more motivated because they will not have as heavy of a workload. Not having a heavy workload will eliminate them from burning out from being overworked. In return your employees will give you a higher quality of work.

Reduced Cycle Time-The reduction in your cycle time will let you be able to make more items for your customers in a quicker amount of time. This will make your customers happy and in return lets your company make more money.


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